Joe Oreskovich is a man who has survived the torrent winds of a stormy life, and has found success as one of Atlanta's most dedicated TV Talk Show Hosts.   Watch the Video

Born and raised in California's San Francisco Bay area, Joe began to find his won way through those storms as he pressed to complete his high school education in the Bay area's public school system. Joe was unable to complete those pursuits, as he was drafted into the U.S. Army. He later earned a G.E.D. while on active duty. In 1969, following his military tenure, Joe relocated to the Atlanta area where he found success in the Insurance industry. 

For twenty years, Joe successfully ran his own Insurance Agency, until he fell into the grips of riotous living, which stole from Joe the American dream. He found his life in ruins as alcohol and drug addictions mangled his dreams, and left him homeless, living in a cardboard box, seeking crumbs from the streets where he once possessed the prosperity of kings. 

In 1989, Joe's life took a turn back toward home when some local firefighters led him to accept Jesus as his personal Savior, and then they, along with caring police officers, chipped in to get Joe into a local rehabilitation program for his addictions. They helped Joe to reestablish his life, as he found employment, and began to put the pieces of his broken life together again. 

In an effort to thank the police and fire communities that nurtured him, Joe developed the Public Servant program that honors police and fire personnel at their deaths, by servicing the estate planning needs of the families of Public Servants who died. Because of his relentless efforts, Joe was nicknamed, "the Gravedigger," by local firefighters. 

Joe became the driving force behind the development of the state's first Public Servant Memorial Garden of Peace, a two million dollar project completed at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens, to honor the lives of public servants killed in Georgia, in the line of duty. 

Joe has, since, spearheaded fire and police efforts in the state-wide dedication ceremonies, and yearly memorials during the National celebrations honoring fallen police and fare personnel. Because of his proactive efforts assisting public servants, the homeless communities, and drug/alcohol rehab programs, Joe has been the keynote speaker at numerous major functions, to include the Georgia Association Chief's of Police Chaplain's Annual sessions, Old National Merchants Association, Soul Changers Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center, and Safehouse, to mention a few. 

Joe was the host of his own weekly talk show, on Atlanta's TV Channel 57 and cable affiliates, named "The Gravedigger Show," providing a platform where others who have overcome challenges in their lives, along with community and governmental leaders come and share their strengths, in an effort to gender healing to the communities of Georgia. 

Joe worked feverishly through his show, and other supportive efforts to bring a positive voice to the citizens of this great state.


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