Silver Gavel Award
The Gravedigger Show won the prestigious Silver Gavel Award in 2000, and honored again in 2001! The award is presented by the State Bar of Georgia and we have photos and highlights!


Honorary Title Presented
The Gravedigger was presented with an honorary title by the State Fire and Insurance Commissioner. The Gravedigger is now an HonoraryState Fire Marshal!

Who is Joe Oreskovich?
Meet the host of The Gravedigger Show... Read his biography. If you haven't met him, "you ain't seen nothin' yet!"


What is The Gravedigger Show?
What's the show all about? Why is it called The Gravedigger Show? Learn all about it here!


Watch Gravedigger Shows in RealVideo!
With RealVIdeo, you can view segments of The Gravedigger Show from your computer!

Law Enforcement and Firefighter Memorial
NEW SLIDE SHOW! Joe Oreskovich has devoted the last several years of his life to promoting means of honoring Georgia firefighters.!


"Thank You" Letters
Some letters of hope and encouragement. Read what others have to say about Joe Gravedigger and The Gravedigger Show!


Pending Bill - 20 Year Retirement Plan
Georgia Senate Bill LC 21 5431 will create a 20-year Retirement Plan for Georgia Public Safety Employees. Read about it here!


Important Links!
I have accumulated a variety of unique links due to my public exposure. Recent promotions in law enforcement and fire positions have placed me in a unique position to provide important information. Take advantage of it here!


Photographs of Gravedigger Show Guests!
Take a look at some of the past guests on the Gravedigger Show - These are Joe's personal friends and relationships. A man from a cardboard box knows these people - Incredible!



Add your prayer request!
Joe would like to hear from you.
Email your petitions directly to him by clicking HERE



New Gravedigger Pictorial Testimony and Biography!
Don't miss the complete Gravedigger pictorial testimony and biography! It's an amazing account of God's miraculous work in one man's life.



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